New for 2009

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ABERYSTWYTH University offers you a wide range of courses. The endless choice has been made even bigger with the introduction of the following courses available for entry in 2008/09 and 2009/10:

Childhood studies (available from 2009)

Criminology with Applied Psychology

French with Mathematics

Peace, Conflict and security

Psychology single honours (available from 2009)

Psychology with English literature (available from 2009) scenography and Theatre Design

BA Childhood Studies This course will give you the opportunity to delve into the factors that influence 'childhood' and how these can affect later development. The course will draw upon a variety of disciplines including sociology, psychology and educational studies in order to help us to understand the childhood years. if you are interested in how children grow, develop and learn, then this course will allow you to explore this intriguing stage of development.

BScEcon Criminology with Applied Psychology This is an up-to-date and high-quality course encompassing every aspect of crime, deviance and psychology as it applies to crime and its control. During the degree you will be introduced to basic legal structures and ways of interpreting the law, a broad spectrum of criminological ideas and theories, and an introduction to basic psychology. The degree considers social definitions of unacceptable and criminal behaviours, what happens when people transgress societal boundaries, the impact of their actions on victims and the society on a wider scale, and the legal, political, control and punishment systems designed to deal with these behaviours in a democratic society.

BScEcon Peace Conflict and Secruity This course focuses on how conflicts are resolved and peace is brought about, but places it firmly within the context of the international political world and ideas of security. …