Music Teachers File Charge against Huntley Dist. 158

Article excerpt

Byline: Jameel Naqvi

The state's largest teachers union has filed a grievance against Huntley Unit District 158, saying the district has overburdened elementary music teachers, leaving them little time to grade assignments and plan lessons.

In an unfair labor practice claim filed earlier this year, the Illinois Education Association says District 158 assigned elementary music teachers 17 classes this year - one more than the 16 they have taught in the past.

"Adding the 17th class takes away from the music teachers' planning time," said Christy Henderson, co-president of the Huntley Education Association, the local arm of the Illinois Education Association.

Under the current teacher's contract, elementary teachers are supposed to get at least 300 minutes of planning time each week.

Henderson said that in the past, the music teachers have been compensated for teaching a 17th class, but this year the district is not paying teachers for the class.

The teachers union wants to either stop District 158 from requiring the 17th class or to pay teachers for the extra class. …