Packages Involves Employees in the Decision-Making - Rafi

Article excerpt

Economic Review: How will you comment on Labour-Management Relations in Pakistan with special reference to packages?

Rafi Iqbal Ahmad: Labour management relationship lacks mutual trusts, whatever the reasons, mistrust does not help the organisation. Both employers and employees have to work together to build confidence. At Packages we involve our employees in the decision making both informally and at formal platforms like improvement teams. We also involve employees' families in social events of the company like annual sports day, family mela and parents' day.

ER: Do you feel that the employees of your organization are satisfied with the existing wage structure and fringe benefits?

RIA: Employees of Packages are satisfied with the existing wage structure and fringe benefits as the same are reviewed/revised periodically and negotiated with CBA keeping in view the inflation rate and the wage structure of the other companies in business, alike.

ER: Do you have any diversification programme in your organization in near future?

RIA: As a matter of fact, we plan to concentrate on our core business. We are going through expansion balancing and modernisation programme now-a-days. We are not only investing in capacity and technology, but also on environment cleaning. 25 percent of current investment is going into effluent tratement to make it the best environmental friendly operation in the region.

ER: Do you have any in-service training programme in your organization. If so, what is its impact?

RIA: Yes, we have a comprehensive, on the job training programme for our employees at all levels. As a company policy we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Extensive training on quality control is imparted to our employees and as a result our flexible packaging unit has been certified for ISO-9001. We are also in the process of achieving ISO-9000 certification for our other units, which, we are confident, will have a positive impact on the overall output.

ER: Do you face any absenteeism problem in your organization, if so, what measures have you taken to prevent it?

RIA: Well, to be honest our average absenteeism figures are 12 per cent which is high as compared to any other industrialised country. To overcome this problem we have given certain incentives to our employees in the shape of good attendance allowance, encashment of unavailed leave at the end of the year etc. In addition, to this, at the time of annual increments and promotions, due consideration is given to the attendance of the individual during the year.

ER: Do you have Contract Labour in your organization. If so, what benefits were they allowed as compared to other permanent employees of your organization?

RIA: Yes, we do hire labour on contract for our expansion and other jobs of temporary nature, in accordance with the exigencies of work. They are allowed all the benefits, entitled to, under the existing Labour Laws.

ER: What are the major problems of the employees of your organization and what steps have you taken for their remedy? …