Business School's Backing for Leadership Conference

Article excerpt

A BUSINESS leadership conference has been backed by a university's business school.

The Lead On 2008 conference has won the support of the University of Wales Newport Business School which will sponsor the event. The university will provide the venue for the conference.

Newport Business School has announced that its refocused MBA programme will be relaunched alongside Lead On 2008.

Dean of Newport Business School, Dr Tim McIntyre-Bhatty, said the conference, with its highly relevant themes of leadership, management and entrepreneurship, was considered ideal for the relaunch. Dr McIntyre-Bhatty said: "Lead On 2008 is specifically focused on the challenges of managing in uncertain times. The conference will help people tackle issues relating to the need of the economy to increase productivity through skills development, respond to the management and leadership agenda and to capitalise on the entrepreneurial spirit of business development.

"In concert with these imperatives Newport's MBA has been refocused on the themes of leadership and entrepreneurship and will be relaunched in the autumn of 2008, alongside Lead On 2008. …