Institute Notes: The National Council Meeting

Article excerpt


The NZIIA held its Annual Dinner at the Wellington Club on 26 June. Seventy-two were present. The gathering was addressed by diplomat Michael Green. (The text of part of his speech is to be found elsewherre in this issue.)

The National Council met next morning, 27 June. Former Foreign Minister Hon Russell Marshall was re-elected as President. He pointed to the firm sense of purpose that underpinned the NZIIA's approach, and praised the efforts of the various officers and branches during the year. He also noted the vital contribution by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to the NZIIA's viability.

Both Vice President Bruce Brown and Treasurer Athol Mann were also re-elected. There was a change in the chair of the Research Committee. With Dr Rod Alley stepping down, Professor Ann Trotter was elected to the position. Tributes were paid to Dr Alley's successful tenure. Ian McGibbon was confirmed as Managing Editor of the NZIR for another year. Bishop Richard Randerson, Dr David Capie, Erima Henare and Hon Doug Kidd were elected to the Standing Committee. The full list of office holders is provided below.

In commenting on his report, Director Brian Lynch referred to the NZIIA's full programme of activities in 2007. Twenty-eight functions were hosted or co-hosted, including eight seminars. Two highlights had been addresses by Dr Hans Blix, chair of the Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Karen Abu Zayad, UNWRA's Commissioner-General. Key developments had been revision of the constitution and the formalisation of the NZIIA's charitable status to satisfy new legal requirements.

When the council turned to the NZIR, Ian McGibbon noted that the NZIR's financial position was sound, though there had been a small drop in circulation.

Reporting on the Research Committee's achievements in 2005, Rod Alley noted the appearance of several important publications. He suggested the need for the updating of the NZIIA website and for consideration of how the site might serve as a prompt means of circulating occasional discussion papers.

Treasurer Athol Mann, in his report, indicated that the NZIIA was in a favourable position. The council adopted his draft budget for 2008.


Branch delegates reported on activities in their various branches: Dr Jian Yang on Auckland, Huong Lan Nguyen on Palmerston North, Sue Perry on Wairarapa, Doug Kidd on Wellington, Dr Ken Graham on Christchurch and Brian Foley on Timaru. …