Top Tory Michael Gove and a Five-in-a-Bed Oxford 'Romp'; EXPOSED: A Fresh-Faced Mr Gove and the Tale of His Alleged Exploits in Cherwell

Article excerpt

Byline: Daniel Boffey

AS TORY education spokesman, Michael Gove has criticised men's magazines for treating women like objects and spoken out against the teenage pregnancy crisis.

But archives have revealed that Mr Gove - tipped as a future Cabinet Minister - faced outlandish claims about his own behaviour while he was a student at Oxford.

Under the lurid headline 'Union hacks in five in a bed romp shocker', an article in Oxford student newspaper Cherwell claimed in January 1988 that Mr Gove - then the 20-year-old president of the Oxford Union debating society - was one of a group of student politicians who ended up in bed together after a ball.

The paper's account of the alleged incident could provoke raised eyebrows among the party faithful as they prepare to hear the former journalist's views at the Conservative Party conference this week on how to educate the nation's youth.

The humorous article said: 'The incestuous sex lives of the Union hacks became even more tortured over the Christmas holidays, when Flora McCullough took a party to the OMU Ball in the Grosvenor Hotel. The OMU is a charitable organisation affiliated to the Knights of the Order of Malta, who have been linked with funding the Contras, and other dubious activities. That didn't stop 16 hacks attending the ball, and five of them ending up in bed together. …