M. A. Chishti: A Great Defender of Insurance Industry of Pakistan

Article excerpt

Mr. Mashkoor A. Chishti is a living insurance legend. He has devoted his entire life to the improvement and development of insurance industry from the day one when he entered this field in December, 1947. He is well known respected and liked by all insurance professionals on account of his dedicated efforts for defending the interest of insurance sector through his regular valuable articles and books.


What his co-workers estimate about him

Former Chairman of Insurance Association of Pakistan - Mr. Tahir Ahmed says:

"Mr. M. A. Chishti is one insurance professional in Pakistan who has taken to journalism and to writing books like a duck to the water. It will also not be wrong of me to say that he is the first and to-date the only professionalinvestigative insurance journalist. This means that on one hand, he is ever ready to write on topical issues and on the other more often than not, does vigorous research to back up whatever he writes. Mr. Chishti in many ways has been and continuous to be the conscience of Pakistan Insurance Industry. Thus while he has always defended the insurance industry in all occasions, he also as a true friend of the industry which he obviously loves, has painstakingly pointed out its weakness. Also as true friend and well wisher of Pakistan Insurance Industry, he has never shied away from recommending the solutions and the way forward."

FormerVice-Chairman of Insurance Association of Pakistan--Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Chaudhry says:

"The efforts of Mr. M. A. Chishti for promoting insurance knowledge are spread over six decades. My sincerest congratulations to Mr. Chishti for his services for insurance industry I pray for his good health and long life.

Managing Director & Chief Executive, EFU General Insurance Co Ltd.--Mr. Saifuddin Zoomkawala says:

"Mr. M. A. Chishti has been a career insurance man in Pakistan. He entered this field right with the word 'go for to serve the people'. His entry into this then a least choiced field coincided with the emergence of Pakistan, on the world map in 1947. Usually professionals would lack a knack to write discreetly about the experience gained and intertwine it basic theory. Mr. Chishti is the only insurance professional who has being doing a yeoman's service to the insurance industry by contributing regularly articles on burning issues affecting the interest of insurance profession".

Former Managing Director, Adamjee Insurance Co. Ltd.--Muhammad Chaudhry says:

"Mr. M. A. Chishti is a singular person in our insurance industry who has taken time efforts to publish books on Insurance. For this service to our Industry, I heartily commend him".

Managing Director, EFU Life Assurance Ltd.--Taher G. Sachak, says:

"He has through his numerous articles made a major contribution to the knowledge base of our Insurance Sector. I am sure that this book, which is a compilation of his more important articles, will become a very useful reference book for all those involved in our industry".

Managing Director& Chief Executive, Reliance Insurance Co. Ltd.--A. Razzak Ahmed, says:

"Mr. Chishti happens to be the most devoted and committed person for the promotion of insurance education of Pakistan. For the last more than 35 years he has been continuously and untiringly writing on various aspects of insurance and spreading this message far and wide". …