Financial Crisis Is Worst I've Seen, Says Ex-President; in ASSOCIATIONS WITH Rensburg Sheppards Investment Management

Article excerpt

FORMER World Bank president and leading international financier James D. Wolfensohn has told the Daily Post the world is suffering the biggest financial crisis he has seen in his lifetime.

Mr Wolfensohn, 74, who will address the annual Liverpool and District Institute of Financial Services dinner on October 30, says he believes the credit crunch is far from over. He said: "My own view is that we're not through the worst yet. Every day we see something occurring.

"We've had the first rush of crises in the US. It's spreading - you've had your own difficulties in the UK and Europe is beginning to feel it.

"There's very little doubt this thing will spread. The whole framework of banking has been changed for many years to come.

"Without being a Cassandra, you have to say we're in very difficult times."

Mr Wolfensohn served as president of the World Bank, which provides funding to reduce poverty in the developing world, from 1995 to 2005.

Today Mr Wolfensohn, a member of the 1956 Australian Olympic fencing team, is chairman of New York private investment firm Wolfensohn & Company and an advisor to Citigroup. …