Lifelong Learning; Employment FOCUS Professional Development Awards Are Ideal for Those Employees Who Want to Expand Their Skills to Keep Their Career at the Top of Its Game

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FOR flexible, focused education, skills and training at a high level, check out Professional Development Awards.

Quick and cost-effective to deliver, these qualifications areideal for young people, graduates and other adult learners.

Also, because they enhance the skills of employees, the awards are also a perfect solution to Continuing Professional Development for employers.

PDAs have been designed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, Scotland's national body for qualifications. Backed by the organisation's world-renowned excellence in developing and quality-assuring qualifications, you can be sure they deliver flexible qualifications, fit for industry, training and education.

They develop specialist skills applicable at all stages of career development and arealigned to National Occupational Standards and/or professional body requirements. They also clearly support Continuing Professional Development.

With a focus on professional and vocational work-based skills development, they are ideal for workforce development, commercial use, international use and support lifelong learning.

PDAs are recognised on UK and European Qualifications Frameworks, as well as on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.

Tounderst and how PDAs relate to other qualifications, it helps to knowa bit moreabout the SCQF. It lets you compare qualifications by level and credit points. …