Want a Bit of Animal Magic? Careers in Veterinary Nursing If You Would like to Care for Animals and Don't Mind Unpleasant Tasks, a Career as a Veterinary Nurse May Appeal. Emma Thompson Found out More

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Byline: Emma Thompson

What does a career as a veterinary nurse involve?

As a veterinary nurse, you would support veterinary surgeons (vets) by providing nursing care for sick and injured animals.

Your duties would include holding animals and keeping them calm during treatment; giving injections and drugs; collecting blood, urine and other samples and carrying out in-house lab work; taking x-rays; preparing animals for operations as well as assisting during operations by handing instruments and maintaining levels of anaesthetic.

Other responsibilities could include taking care of in-patients (feeding, cleaning quarters, grooming and exercising); post-operation checks and second vaccinations and advising owners about the care of their animals.

What personal skills do you need?

You will need to have a concern for animals without being too sentimental, as well as a calmness and confidence when handling animals.

You need a tactful and sympathetic approach with upset or nervous owners and an interest in science, particularly biology, with a willingness to carry out messy or unpleasant tasks.

Additionally, you will need the ability to communicate well with owners and colleagues and have administrative and IT skills.

What training do you need?

You can qualify in two ways: workbased training, or higher education, both lead to Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) registration. …