Art Faithful Flock to Church; Religious Setting for Biennial Exhibition

Article excerpt

Byline: BY VICKY ANDERSON Daily Post Staff

CHURCHES in Liverpool city centre have been turned into many different things over the years, from restaurants to flats.

Now one has managed to combine its commitments to all things ecclesiastical with its credentials as a hub for art and performance.

St Bride's Church, on Percy Street, in the Georgian Quarter, is not only still used as a place of worship but as an alternative venue for concerts - and, now, an art gallery.

In an Ideal World is one of the biggest exhibitions in the whole Biennial, according to the number of different artists involved.

Some 28 artists from the Liverpool area are showing their work in the church.

Curator and artist Alice Lenkiewicz said: "The theme of the exhibition is 'in an ideal world', and each artist has written their own personal statement to go with the work.

"It's a mix of people from the community and from artists' groups in the city, professional and beginners.

"It's a lovely church that is very open to artists and musicians.

"It was very difficult to find a space during the Biennial and when this came up I thought 'here's our chance'."

Lenkiewicz is a member of the Arena artists network, publishes the poetry magazine Neon Highway, and is one of the founders of the online Toxteth Art Gallery, which aims to show profiles of local artists' work and encourage them to get together to set up shows - and is how this exhibition came together. …