The Day Animals Went to School. EDUCATION: Youngsters Bring in Their Furry and Scaly Friends for Special Learning Event

Article excerpt

Byline: By Tina Junday

ANIMAL magic was on the curriculum for pupils at a Coventry school.

Pupils in Year 7 at Cardinal Wiseman School were invited to bring their pets along for a special flexible learning day.

The 240 students at the Potters Green Road school learned about new animals and were able to carry out their own research on environmental issues.

Connor O'Brien, aged 11, had a mixed reaction from his pals after he showed off his 3ft snake, Ginger.

He said: "Some girls have been screaming and giving me a headache and a couple of the lads were excited and wanted to hold him.

"Ginger is an adventurous type and slithers around everywhere.

"I love the pet show because I don't have to wait until I get home to hold him - I've been with him all day."

There was also a pet contest and among the winners was Stripes, who won first prize as the cat the judges would most like to take home with them, and second prize for best groomed cat.

Owner Cameron Donnelly, aged 11, said: "I was surprised because I didn't expect him to win but when he won I was quite happy."

The students queued up for a pony ride and took part in farm trails, treasure hunts and learning more about animals and the environment.

Laura Schofield, aged 11, had brought in her dog named Kiara. …