Immigration : Three Initiatives to Ensure More Effective Eu Migration Policy

Article excerpt

The European Commission tabled, on 8 October, three initiatives meant to serve as the cornerstone of a common migration policy in Europe. The three documents aim respectively to strengthen "the global approach to migration," improve implementation of EU legislation on family reunification and strengthen actions and tools to meet integration challenges in the Union. The texts come on top of the European Pact on Immigration and Asylum (article Page 19).

With the first communication on the global approach to migration, the Commission intends to consolidate a strategy launched in 2005 and presented as the spearhead of the external dimension of the Union's migration policy. A framework already exists for management of legal migration, the fight against illegal immigration and the ties between migration and development. The Commission suggests substantial improvements and methods focused on three areas: thematic development of the global approach, cooperation with third countries that is more geographically targeted and more specific to different regions (sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia), and, finally, a better coordinated and more coherent approach to migratory flows, including financial instruments.

"A global approach to migration requires closer coordination among all the stakeholders and at every level, between the EU and the national, regional and local levels, and with third countries, through a range of instruments," explains the Commission. Follow-up and monitoring of synergy should be more systematic and regular. Instruments that can be used to that effect include management measures in the countries of origin and transit and coordination mechanisms, including the pooling of resources from the member states, the EU and third countries.


In a second report, the Commission deems "satisfactory," at least in most member states, the application of Directive 2003/86/EC on common rules on family reunification. …