Community Connections: Your Link to Community Building Resources

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Now, more than ever, decision that guide efforts to revitalize neighborhoods, generate jobs, and provide needed housing and services in your community are being made by people who live in the community. Leaders of nonprofit organizations and civic group housing and community development professionals, local elected officials, business people, neighborhood activists, and concerned citizens are coming together rebuild and enhance America's communities. The Community Connections information Center offers all of these organizations and individuals easy "one-stop shopping" for community information that can assist them in informed choices based on the latest in data collection, resources and technology.

Community Connections, a service sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through its Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD), spearhead HUD's support for community building efforts. Recognizing that housing and community development efforts work best when they are locally designed and administered, CPD is striving to empower cities across the nation by providing flexible block grants, focused technical assistance, and the tools that communities need to generate hope and community in distressed neighborhoods.

Community Connections is your gateway to these information resources. Join the thousands of people who rely on Community Connections' extensive on line network, databases, CPD program guidance, and knowledgeable information specialists for comprehensive. timely information and strategies that help them:

* Assess community needs. * Set priorities and goals. * Develop and implement strategies to tackle these priorities. * Learn how other communities have successfully overcome similar challenges. * Identify new resources and partnerships and strengthen or leverage existing ones. * Utilize CPD programs and services.

You can reach Community Connections by phone, mail, or the Internet. Community Connections offers you:

* Immediate access to phone, fax, or on-line information-24 hours a day. * Comprehensive and current data. * One-stop shopping for all of your community planning and development needs.

Community Connections collects information on affordable housing and community development from thousands of public and private sources and makes it readily available through various media-written, electronic and video. Affordable housing and homeless Small cities have used a variety of methods to assure the availability of affordable housing. These program descriptions, selected from the Examples of Programs for Cities database, illustrate the effective combination of local resources with public and private funds to meet housing needs. Direct members cities and state municipal leagues can request addition research by calling the Municipal Reference Service (MRS) at (202) 626-3130. …