New Technology Offers New Opportunities: More Corporate Companies Are Using Professional Websites to Recruit Employees

Article excerpt

SOCIAL NETWORKING HAS BECOME A PRIMARY MODE OF COMMUNICATION for today's younger generation, but social and professional networking sites are quickly becoming business tools for professionals and companies looking for candidates with desired skill sets and talents.

In a social recruitment survey conducted by online recruiter Jobvite, 78% of 115 small- and medium-sized businesses use social networking to support recruitment efforts. According to Jobvite, the top three sites companies use for recruiting are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Jobster. Currently, more than 26 million users (average age: 41), and more than 600,000 small business owners are logged on to LinkedIn. Every Fortune 500 company has C-level representation, such as CEOs and CFOs, on the professional networking site.

Kathy Taylor, recruiter and co-founder of TalentPlanet, an executive talent firm based in Heraldsburg, California, joined LinkedIn roughly four years ago and has found new candidates from almost every search.

"Instead of taking 90 days to find people, with LinkedIn you can almost cut that in half," she says. "My searches now will run 35 to 50 days on average because I can search by keywords of a certain skill set I am looking for."


Patrick Allen agrees. "[Professional networking sites powerful," says the first vice president of corporate recruiting for Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. in New York "It's something we quickly realized is a way to attract talent but to also understand some trends in market. …