Organizational Behavior at PepsiCo

Article excerpt

THE BIGGEST HURDLE FOR MOST MINORITIES IN CORPORATE America is not getting hired, it's retention and advancement--particularly for minorities who are middle managers looking to move into senior level positions.

Ron Parker, PepsiCo's senior vice president for human resources, believes that a major disconnect between company management and minority is culture--both associated with race and a company's environment. Managing the corporate culture forces employees to understand the performance mandates of their position in the context of the company's political structure. With issues of race, cultural differences can discourage open communications between associates, which is crucial for company growth. For example, some minorities may not ask necessary performance questions, because they don't want to be perceived as inadequate. Conversely, some managers are reluctant to offer feedback to minority employees for fear of being seen as racist.

"Sometimes, information is not being withheld deliberately but culturally." Offers Maurice Cox, Vice President for diversity and development. …