Video Game Delayed after Offending City Muslims; RELIGION Game's Music Contained Phrases from the Koran

Article excerpt

Byline: EDWARD CHADWICK Staff reporter

Birmingham's Muslim leaders have welcomed the decision to shelve a computer game that risked causing offence to followers of the faith.

Background music used in the Play-Station 3 game, called Little Big Planet, contained phrases from Islam's holy scripture the Koran.

Sony, which is behind the game, has stalled the release and called back thousands of copies about to go on sale after fears were raised. The music will be removed and an altered version is expected to go on sale in November.

Faith leaders based in the city said they were pleased that Sony had acted sensitively and said that it would be in poor taste for teachings from the Koran to be used for entertainment.

DrMohammed Naseem, the chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, said: "It would be in bad taste because the holy scriptures are not for light amusement.

"I don't know exactly how they were presented in this case but it could cause offence because the words of the Koran are the words of our God.

"The people who commissioned the music or approved it for a video game were perhaps short-sighted but it has been changed now and that is to be welcomed."

Little Big Planet lets gamers build their own playground levels and then swap them with other players over the Play-Station Network.

Everything that can be seen in Little Big Planet can also be created by gamers - from textures, characters, to objects and levels. …