Tax-Cut Socialism

Article excerpt


Barack Obama and Joe Biden think they have hit upon a grand new marketing scheme for their particular brand of socialism: refer to it as tax cuts, hope the American public is too dumb to catch on and ridicule anyone who gets in their political way. Mr. Obama promises to give 95 percent of American workers what he refers to as a Making Work Pay tax cut - a $500 refundable tax credit to every worker or $1,000 per couple. The key word here is refundable. This means that the one-third of taxpayers with zero income-tax liability (one-third of all tax returns to be filed in 2009 under current law) get a direct payment from the U.S. Treasury - in essence, a welfare check for working. And this will be paid by increased taxes on single filers making $200,000 or more per year and joint filers making $250,000 or more.

The issue was brought to the fore by Joe Wurzelbacher, a Holland, Ohio plumber who was playing football with his son in his front yard when Mr. Obama visited his neighborhood Oct. 11. Mr. Wurzelbacher charged that Mr. Obama's tax plan would be at odds with the American dream. Saying that he was preparing to buy a company that makes $250,000 to $280,000 per year, he challenged Mr. Obama. Your new tax plan is going to cost me more, isn't it? Mr. Wurzelbacher asked. In recent days, Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden sounded like they were dismissing out of hand the concerns expressed by Mr. Wurzelbacher, now known internationally as Joe the Plumber. When the mainstream media reported that Mr. Wurzelbacher lacked a plumbing license, Mr. Biden went on the Tonight Show to make light of that fact, saying he was worried about Joe the Plumber with a license. (Mr. Wurzelbacher says he works under the license held by his boss). Last week, Mr. Obama also sounded somewhat bemused by Joe the Plumber's concerns: How many plumbers do you know making $250,000 a year?

The above comments by Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden are examples of liberal elitism on display. …