Coffee Break Extra: Quizopedia

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Byline: by Mike Harris

1 Which country's two main political parties' symbols are, i) the elephant, and, ii) the donkey and which belongs to which?

2 These English counties' names have been heavily distorted. Rewrite correctly: FLOKORN, MORTESSE, SEXES, SHEERICH and STRODE.

3 In the world of geographical nomanclature, there are probably 15 prominent places in Australia and New Zealand whose names indicate that the Mother Country was, more than likely, Great Britain. Name any five.

4 How does digital TV work?

5 Complete the titles of these Judy Garland films: i) The ------ -- Oz (1939), ii) Babes on --------, (1941), iii) ---- -- -- St Louis (1944), iv) E---- P----- (1948) & v) A Star -- ---- (1954).

6 Identify the eldest current character in Radio 4's The Archers. Is it Phil or Jill Archer, Jack or Peggy Woolley or Christine Barford?

7 Who is the only human granted the honour of being the subject of a story in the Thomas The Tank Engine tales?

8 With which sports are these phrases associated? Arab Spring, Boston Crab, Eskimo Roll and O'Brien Shift

9 How, in 19th/20th Century Russia was Grigoriy Yefimovich Novykh (c1871-1916) better known?

10 From whose brilliant diary is this a sporting entry? "A match at golf this day with Cozen Roger, and should have greatly beaten him but for what he said to me as we walked to the 15th tee, being by this time 2 up. When he asked me, 'By the way, Sam, what is all this to go twixt you and your Mrs?' Which puts me in a proper twitter as to what he has heard and what I shall best say to him so that I did most viley foozle my drive and thereafter not a stroke could I strike clean."


1 The country is the US whose two principal political parties are the Democrats or Donkeys and the Republicans or Elephants. They are roughly equivalent to the UK's Labour and Conservative groupings.

2 The counties, correctly written are, i) Norfolk (Norwich/841,000/24th), ii) Somerset (Taunton/905000/22nd), iii) Essex (Chelmsford/1. …