Website Spreads HATE; Anger over Sick Site Which Incites Ethnic Trouble

Article excerpt


POLICE are investigating the people behind a sick website inciting hatred between ethnic groups in the Midlands.

The site, which the Sunday Mercury has chosen not to name, featured personal details of at least 25 Sikh women who the site's administrators, believed to be Muslim, claim to have had sexual relations with.

Degrading comments about the girls and the Sikh religion were posted alongside pictures of the girls.

The site had received 35,500 hits before it was censored by hosts Google following complaints to cops.

And it is said to have sparked a series of threats posted on the internet for a planned brawl in Birmingham's Handsworth Park.

West Midlands Police last night said officers were investigating the website and its administrators.

Both Sikh and Muslim community leaders have condemned the site, which was set up to coincide with freshers' week at universities across the country.

One posting on the site describes this as a time when 'Muslim soldiers go hunting for Sikh slappers'.

Another contributor gave details of a planned confrontation this week in the Birmingham park.

There was nothing on the site to prove that the women had been physically involved with those who posted the insulting messages.

A West Midland Sikh has since set up a group on social networking site Facebook to raise awareness of the site and it has been inundated with angry comments from all faiths.

One Sikh community leader, who did not wish to be named, told the Sunday Mercury: "This is something that could easily have been created by Birmingham Muslims. The order may have come from someone in Luton and then passed down to the site creators in Birmingham.

"This sort of thing isn't uncommon. Before this blog was created it wasn't unusual for leaflets with the same sort of literature to be handed out at universities and colleges.

Now they're moving with the times and using the internet to shame not only Sikhs, but also Hindus. …