Kick Starting Business Communication; ONE BUSINESS CLUB CARIBBEAN TRADE CONFERENCE 2008

Article excerpt

The UK Business Kick Start Programis a joint project between 1BC International Ltd, Business Insight, Best For Business and Caribbean 4 life.

The primary objective of the programis to provide a national, permission-based peer-to-peer business communication service to help support British business development and growth, whilst helping to eradicate the issues involved with corporate loneliness faced by many business owners throughout the UK today.

This program is also in the process of being rolled out to more than 22 countries to provide a truly international peerto-peer trading and support platform.

So, you may ask: what is the benefit to my business?

The UK Business Kick Start Program exists purely for the benefit of UK business owners and is committed to helping grow their businesses, contact and knowledge base through the provision of 12months free unrestricted access to the one business on-line trading and communication platform.

The One Business Club provides the program with a unique, permission based, secure platform, where members canshare ideas, contacts, business information, find the latest business advice, keep up-to-date with business politics, find and post events, bloggs, classified adverts and their profile, as well as introducing their business to a world of instant contacts, making this the most effective peer-to-peer business communication platform available today.

The One Business Club offers much more than a place to have breakfast or events full of sellers. It provides its members with a truly business beneficial service, created by business professionals for business professionals.

The UK Business Kick Start Programis 100 per cent free of charge and is only open to UK business owners and managing directors, which normally comes at a cost of pounds 650.

At present you will be able to communicate directly with in excess of 4,500 other business owners - a number which is growing daily with a target of 600,000 business owners by mid 2009.

"The One Business Club is your free gateway to thousands of like-minded business owners around the world, providing you with direct contact, business savings, networking, business promotion, and skills enhancement, using a secure platform where member-to-member business opportunities are completed daily on a local, national and international basis," said Tony Conry, CEO of 1BC International Ltd.

The One Business Club specialises in: Facilitating connections for members world-wide: The aim is to extend the "scope of trade" for members so that they can develop not just local, but national and international business connections.

The club is creating a truly global trading platform for business-to-business contacts, networking and success within a secure member-to-member environment. …