Helping Businesses Stay on Top of Their Bad Debts; My Dream Job Jenny Esau, Managing Director, Credit Management Group UK

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IT was while she was working in the construction industry that Jenny Esau realised her specialist interest lay in credit control.

Although she had worked as a dental nurse, air stewardess and in a car hire outlet, it wasn't until she became employed as an accounts clerk that she realised she wanted a career in credit management. She then went on to work for national and global businesses as a credit manager before setting up her own company handling the accounts of businesses from around the country.

Born in Newcastle but brought up in Wirral, Jenny is now celebrating the fifth anniversary of Credit Management Group UK (CMG UK).

The Wirral-based firm provides credit management advice through training, outsourcing and consultancy with the help of the firm's new Online Credit Management Toolkit.

For Jenny, who is a member of the Institute of Credit Management, day-to-day roles include running the business, looking for new opportunities, managing staff and delivering training, as well as networking and working on CMG UK's new website.

She said: "I always wanted to work for myself, but found it difficult to make the jump while earning a good salary working for corporate business.

"Then an opportunity came up when I wanted to move back to Wirral after working in Kent for three years.

"My company is five years old, and I can honestly say I made the right decision. It's been very hard work at times and I have been tested, but I love working for myself and I am very passionate about credit management and helping businesses reduce their risk to bad debt. …