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Byline: by Roz Laws

MY FAMILY AT WAR, BBC1 Tuesday, 9pm: The BBC is marking 90 years since the end of World War One with a series of emotional programmes. This one, the last in a short run of episodes in which celebs discover the wartime experiences of relatives, features Rolf Harris retracing his father and uncle's footsteps as they fought with the ANZACs in northern France. He calls how he has never understood, until now, why his aunt found it too upsetting to listen to the words of his hit Two Little Boys

NOT FORGOTTEN: THE MEN WHO WOULDN'T FIGHT, Channel 4, Monday, 8pm: Ian Hislop recounts the stories of World War One conscientious objectors whose beliefs or experiences led to their refusal to do military service, despite the consequences.

He asks: if we memorialise the courage of those who fought and died, should we not also honour those who had the courage not to flight?

THE LOST WORLD WAR ONE BUNKER, Channel 4, Monday, 9pm: This Time Team special sees Tony Robinson and his team join an archaeological expedition to uncover a perfectly preserved, British-built World War One bunker with a maze of tunnels under a field in Belgium

WORLD WAR TWO: BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, BBC2, Monday, 9pm: Moving on the Second World War, this new series begins with an examination of the Soviet Union's alliances in 1939-1945

Laurence Rees learns more about the importance of their switch to the side of Britain and America after their betrayal by the Nazis in 1941. …