Sorry about the Swastikas, Now I [Heart] You!

Article excerpt


There's change in the air. And hope smells like pumpkin pie fresh out of the oven. A week after the Obama victory celebration in Grant Park, some exultant liberal victors are seeking to make Thanksgiving 2008 a joyful all-inclusive family experience for the first time since President Bush took office nearly eight years ago.

No, partisan wall builders Arianna Huffington and Markos Moulitsas are not preparing baked yams and apple pecan stuffing for an all-American buffet. Leftover Rethuglican rage will be served at the official Democrat table where Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will toast George Soros for underwriting a hate campaign against Pilgrim in Chief George W. Bush that successfully brought back Democratic Party rule.

Why change what works?

But in an online activist campaign entitled 52 to 48 with Love some Obama supporters - without preconditions - are trying to reach out to their Republican foes as a gesture of reconciliation. In a series of photographs uploaded to the Internet, mostly young faces are seen holding up handwritten signs expressing a solemn Yes, We Can message to political enemies.

One 20-something Caucasian girl wearing a tattered tan cap holds up a representative message:

Dear 48,

I promise:

to listen to you

to fight for you

to respect you always.

Love, 52

Perhaps it is naive. The differences are real, I know, writes performance artist Ze Frank, whose Web site features the growing photo collection that has begun to go viral. But we have to repair the damage done from this election cycle somehow.

The verdict is out on whether Republicans will bite.

The best interpretation of this effort smacks of the behavior of children of divorce who go to extreme efforts to put back together their irreconcilable parents. The younger Obama supporters hope to see an appreciable move toward national unity yet don't fully comprehend what happened behind closed doors that caused the breakup.

There's nothing easier than telling the guy you just beat that he should forget the depths you plumbed to do so, wrote Jim Treacher at his blog.

For those Republicans who don't have good memories, there's always Google. The last time there was a U.S. election in which there was a turnover of power, world-class narcissist Al Gore contested the outcome throughout November creating unprecedented political tension over turkey and fixings.

This time Sen. John McCain offered what Democrats refused the last two times: Grace in defeat. …