Still Selling despite Tough Times; HEREFORDSHIRE FOCUS One of the Best Country Properties of Its Type, Ilo Field Cottage Could Be Yours for Pounds 465,000

Article excerpt

"There are buyers out there - ready to act but still waiting to see what the market does."

Senior sales negotiator with Nock Deighton in Ludlow, Helen Wall is describing a common scenario in the current marketplace.

"These potential buyers are mostly in rented accommodation, many retired or semi-retired and hoping to buy."

Having sold, possibly at the top of the market, they are in an extremely good position, although tempted to hold back a little longer.

"If they see something that's right, however, they will buy," added Helen.

The Ludlow office of the agency, which handles instructions across a wide area including parts of Worcestershire and Herefordshire, agreed sales of 34 properties throughout July, August and September.

The cheering continuing activity as the market slumped nationwide followed a successful performance over the previous year, during which record sales were achieved.

And it helped add up points for the branch, named as Nock Deighton's office of the year for the eighth time.

Michael Evans, managing director, said: "It is a tough market but we are still selling.

Prices have indeed changed but these are all relative. If you are buying and selling, the price differential stays the same."

Current Nock Deighton instructions include a beautifully located country cottage half a mile from the centre of the Herefordshire village of Dilwyn. …