Libanan Pushes Int'l Magna Carta for Migrant Workers

Article excerpt

Libanan aired the suggestion recently in his talk at the forum "Initiative for Policy Dialogue" on international migration organized by the Columbia University in New York City attended by 25 experts on migration from several countries. Libanan said that while efforts have been exerted in creating a strong global economy, "there is little heard about the creation of the global citizen," which is the workingman.

"Where is the global citizen factor in the strengthening of the global economy?" he asked. Libanan was invited at the forum to share Philippines' experience in the dialogue on the issue of how the rights of migrant workers can best be protected.

The Philippines is one of the world's top exporters of labor and it is estimated that more than eight million Filipinos are currently working abroad. Their money remittances amounting to US$14.5 billion a year have contributed greatly to increasing the amount of the country's international currency reserves. In the same talk, Libanan said protecting migrant workers can not be the sole concern of labor exporting country. "The migrant worker needs protection at the host country.

"Violations of worker's rights happen at the work site," he explained. On the issue of human trafficking, the BI chief stressed that the problem is difficult to address because Filipinos have the constitutional right to travel. …