Culture and Communication

Article excerpt

Dr. Susanne Ornager, regional adviser for Communication and Information also of Unesco, was instrumental in mobilizing activities organized around the Asia-Pacific Network on Information (APIN) and the Memory of the World Programme (MOW). Can you imagine a world which does not have memory, asks Susanne, as she rationalized emphasis on projects intended to preserve our documentary heritage found in print, audiovisual and digital formats. APIN which has representatives in almost every country in the region, facilitates projects on ICT, its social, legal, and ethical dimensions as well as its application in education, freedom of expression and freedom of the press, promotion of multilingualism and building knowledge societies through capacity building for human resources in communication.

Where culture and communication intersect are the areas of promotion of dialogue and a culture of peace, fostering of pluralism and cultural diversity.

Mainstreaming of these activities in national policies and programs is a major concern which national commissions with partner UN agencies are expected to undertake in what is described as "Delivering as One" which hopes among other things a more coherent and coordinated approach which would achieve greater visibility, impact and of course considerable savings in resources. …