PCCI Drumbeats Trade Policy Consultation Program

Article excerpt

The launching of the Institutionalization of Multi-Stakeholder Consultation Program on Trade Policy and Negotiations or IMUST which coincided with the recent South Luzon Chamber Business Conference had generated information and varied opinions from industry leaders and stakeholders.

Specifically, the participants placed emphasis on the limited sectoral representation of the different industries in the government-led consultations.

Other issues that were raised include the lack of focus in the development of small and medium enterprises and the absence of research-based trade advocacy and policy formulation.

Furthermore, stakeholders proposed the need to conduct extensive training and capability building among its members through research development and data gathering while enhancing linkages with the academe.

"While we have strong linkages with local and international organizations, there is still a need to strengthen the information dissemination campaign in order to keep the stakeholders informed and knowledgeable of the different issues that arise from trade negotiations," said Apolinar Aure, PCCI Area Vice President for South Luzon. …