Energy Efficiency Roadmap Urged at Science Meeting

Article excerpt

In a presentation yesterday on the second day of the 30th Annual Scientific Meeting of the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) at the historic landmark Manila Hotel, ADB energy efficiency expert for the Asia Pacific Region Alexander Ablaza cited the need to "finalize and allocate resources for a national energy efficiency roadmap" as one of the strategies to improve energy efficiency in the country.

He said in the Philippines, the "drivers" for energy efficiency would be the high energy cost, concerns on energy supply and climate change, as well as the drive for global and regional competitiveness.

Ablaza said energy conservation is "not enough" -- if the country wants to compete with other countries in the Asia- Pacific region.

"Energy conservation can help in the first four objectives, but if we want to compete in the region, energy efficiency is what we need," Ablaza said.

"Push energy efficiency, not just energy conservation," he added.

Ablaza lamented that pushing for energy conservation in the country is very "cyclical," as it is only given attention when there is a crisis, adding that the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program of the government launched in 2004 is "not sustained."

This, he said, made the Philippines the "slowest" when it comes to energy efficiency.

"We (at ADB) are preparing right now for a roadmap in Pakistan. …