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Hollywood has become so obsessed with remaking old films that it won't be long until you turn up at the cinema and see a "re-imagining" of your old home-video recordings.

Ah yes, the classic 1996 trip to Blackpool, shot on shaky-cam to a soundtrack of muttering and the howling wind. Look, there's Haley Joel Osment playing little Johnny, sulking because he wasn't allowed to throw whelks at the seagulls.

And here, it's your mother-in-law, vividly brought to life by Amanda Barrie, giving that superb soliloquy about why she just never became a dentist. Oh how it was crying out for a remake. The men and women of Tinseltown certainly don't seem keen on coming up with new ideas.

Everything from Halloween to The Omen has been remade, updated and, essentially, ripped off, over the past few years.

So it's with some trepidation that one approaches this, the latest vision of the classic horror story, Invasion of the Bodysnatchers. …