Talk Is Cheap -- Speak!

Article excerpt

Speech is every human's tool to navigate the world. We are bestowed with the ability to communicate and express the complexities of our emotions and thoughts through words. And because speaking is an everyday human function, it is difficult to get by when you do not have a fine grasp of it especially when it comes to school and work.

In general, this is a practical skill to have, but not everyone needs to be superb public speakers in order to make a decent living. However, it is undeniably important to possess an ability to interact and communicate effectively with people, regardless of whether it is on a personal or professional basis. Certainly, top-caliber skill in speaking has proven to be an indispensable and empowering attribute.

These are the principles that led the man behind one of the leading speech communication training centers in the country to come up with a program that would equip the modern Filipinos with the dynamics of communication that would make them competent in and even outside of the white collar, college-educated world.

Jose M. Mordeno Jr., president and founder of Speechpower, believes that every individual has the potential to become effective and confident communicators, and thus, made it his mission to turn them into one by establishing an institution that would cater to the needs of different learners. His passion for speaking and teaching became the foundation of what is now a locally and internationally recognized authority in speech training.

Before Speechpower became a landmark in the local communication training industry that it is today, it also had its fair share of humble beginnings. It was in 1971 when Mordeno began working on his envisioned concept. Taking inspiration from his experiences as a young boy going to a humble school in Mindanao, he strived to hone his personal skills first and acquire the necessary competencies before venturing into his more ambitious undertakings. Mordeno holds a bachelor's degree in AB English from Ateneo de Cagayan, a Master of Arts degree in Speech Education, and became an instructor in many learning institutions including a stint as the first Filipino instructor in Speech Communication at the University of Hawaii.

Speechpower started with just a single classroom with very few enrollees and instructors. …