Coffee Break Extra: Quizopedia

Article excerpt

Byline: by Mike Harris

1 What is the title of David N Thomas' investigative account of the events leading up to the tragic death of Dylan Thomas at New York on November 9,1953?

2 Identify the only two lyricists that Richard Rodgers (1902-79) worked with throughout his distinguished musical career.

3 To whom do these highly impressive sporting statistics belong ? 46-34-12-0-0.

4 In which areas of public life did the following achieve fame? Fatima Whitbread (1961-), Gilbert White (1720-93), Patrick White (1912-90), Billie Whitelaw (1932-), Paul Whiteman (1891-1967), Rachel Whiteread (1963-) and June Whitfield (1925-).

5 Complete the line from a song by the English eccentric all-rounder, Vivian Stanshall (1942-95) from a number entitled "The Intro And The Outro" and recorded by the Bonzo Dog Band - "And looking very relaxed - A---- H----- on vibes....." Was it, Alexander Haig (1924-), Arthur Hailey (1920-2004) or Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)?

6 What important event in English history is being described here? "It was brought about by a very unpopular C14th poll tax and the chief centres of rebellion were Essex and Kent. But the immediate cause occurred when Wat Tyler's men beheaded the Archbishop of Canterbury and temporarily controlled London."

7 What are the identical surnames of these famous Welsh pairs?

i) David/Andrew (Sport/TV),

ii) Huw & Sara (Broadcasting),

iii) Neil & Katherine (Sport/Music), iv) Ruth &

Ryan (TV/Sport) v) Tony and Donna (Sport &

Music), vi) Terry & Cerys (Business/Music),

vii) Cliff & Elaine (Sport/Literature),

viii) Nia & David (Theatre/Sport) and,

ix) Sian & Shane (TV/Sport).

8 When did Prince Charles (1948-) buy Highgrove? Was it in 1970, 1980 or 1990?

9 List these coastal English towns in their North-South order: Scarborough, Sheringham, Skegness, Southend and Southwold.

10 What is a time connection between the poems, "Beowulf" and "The Epic of Gilgamesh"? …