Paul Weyrich, Conservative Giant

Article excerpt


Paul Weyrich, chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation, died yesterday at age 66. Mr. Weyrich, one of the giants of the modern conservative movement, co-founded the Heritage Foundation in 1973 and founded the Free Congress Foundation the following year. He spent the past three and a half decades working to build political coalitions in support of limited government, a strong national defense and traditional values.

Mr. Weyrich was a journalist before coming to Washington as an aide to Sen. Gordon Allott, Colorado Republican, in 1967. Shortly after starting work on Capitol Hill, Mr. Weyrich received by mistake an invitation to a luncheon held by liberal congressional staffers. Mr. Weyrich decided to attend, and as he told John Gizzi of Human Events, he was impressed by the way Hill staffers and members of liberal interest groups interacted, giving assignments to one another and agreeing to meet again to advance their political agenda. He realized that without similar networking efforts of their own, conservatives would lag behind. So, Paul Weyrich dedicated his professional life to making sure that conservatives formed lobbying networks and coalitions of their own.

The conservative movement is better off thanks to his work, and the political left does not have the overwhelming dominance it had when Mr. …