Former NBA Star Talks to Congregation Learning: Lucas Has Written More Than 60 Books on Memory

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Byline: Sheila Ahern

Jerry Lucas couldve topped off a successful professional basketball career with a multimillion dollar broadcasting gig.

Instead he found God and became "Dr. Memory."

Lucas who played for Ohio State University and went on to be one of the best NBA forwards ever during the late 1960s spoke to a congregation at the World Overcomers Church in Bartlett on Sunday about his faith and new way of learning.

Lucas, 68, is a three-time All-American who in 1960 starred on Ohio States national championship team and the U.S. gold-medal squad at the Olympics in Rome.

He was also on the 1973 New York Knicks world championship team and inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 1979.

When he wasnt playing basketball, Lucas memorized portions of the Manhattan phone book and the entire New Testament in the Bible. As a kid, he found he liked to take words apart and then respell them alphabetically in rapid-fire order. For example his name would spell E-J-R-R-Y A-C-L-S-U.

"It was all absolutely useless, but thats the mind God gave me," Lucas told the congregation on Sunday.

Lucas also talked about his image-based memory learning and said that schools have it all wrong because teachers stress repetition to memorize rules and spelling.

"Everything you learn is in your mind," Lucas said. …