Flatley Go-Go Girl Who Cried Rape Arrested in U.S. (1) Tyna Robertson: Contempt (2) Milady: Michael Flatley and Wife Niamh

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Byline: Julian Brouwer

THE former stripper who accused Michael Flatley of rape has been arrested for failing to pay the legendary Riverdance dancer compensation for her false claim.

Tyna Robertson, then 30, shocked the entertainment world in 2002 when she claimed Flatley had raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room, when in reality their encounter had been completely consensual.

Flatley was aboard a yacht in the Caribbean in January 2003 with his then girlfriend Lisa Murphy who was wearing nothing but suncream, lipstick and high heels when he learned of the allegation.

The pair had just enjoyed New Year and were having breakfast on the deck when the dancer took a call from his business accountant in London.

Said Flatley at the time: When he told me what I was being accused of, Jesus, it was like being shot in the stomach by a cannonball. It was just horrible, I could barely breathe.

He then broke the news to Lisa, explaining that he had sex with the woman during a break in their relationship, during which they had called off their engagement but it was consensual.

It was the hardest conversation of my life,' he said.

This week Robertson was frogmarched out of her home by officers from the Los Angeles police department on a warrant for contempt of court issued on December 10.

Robertson, who had missed a court date, has not made any payments on the $10 million (E7.1m) judgment issued against her for making false sexual assault claims against Flatley, said sheriffs office spokesman Steve Patterson.

Flatley, who is in no mood to forgive and forget, had asked that Robertson be held in contempt.

The single mother was dragged away in handcuffs in front of her three-year-old son, Kennedy. The boys father, American football star Brian Urlacher, is today looking after the child.

Robertson, who was being held in LAs Daley Center lockup, is due to go before Cook County judge Alexander White.

She achieved notoriety six years ago when she tried to blacken Flatleys name with her outlandish rape accusations. …