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Exploring "Art from Around the World" is a great. way to engage students in learning about history, and help them gain a better understanding of how art plays a part in every culture. Our Cover Story, "Understanding Culture and Diversity ... Australian Aboriginal Art" (page 20) travels "down under" on a creative journey where elementary and middle-school students research Australian Aboriginal culture and artistic practices, discover the significance of symbols and icons in Aboriginal art, and use icons to tell their own story. They even get to make their own didgeridoo!

"Paper Moccasins: Stepping Toward Learning" (page 22) offers a way for upper-elementary kids to integrate a variety of ideas about themselves, life events, family and community in original artworks; discover, view and discuss objects that come from different cultures and places; and produce a very special additive sculpture. "Moko Jumbies: Dancing Spirits from Africa" (page 24) open a new world to students as they develop an awareness of Caribbean cultures and traditions, learn and apply principles of designs and art elements, and experiment hands-on with color theory to create three-dimensional artworks.

"The Art of Japanese Masks and Kimonos" (page 26) combines printmaking with mask-making in a project that will help students gain a better understanding of two aspects of Japanese culture and tradition. And, the Latin American holiday of "Los Reyes de la Magos" is the inspiration for "Collage Crowns" (page 32), which introduces students to a special tradition in Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and other countries. Primary students will exercise their folding, cutting and gluing skills as they construct and embellish crowns. …