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Byline: by Mike Harris

1. Complete the titles of these Beatles' studio albums with their missing vowels: i.) LT T B, ii.) YLLW SBMRN, iii.) RVLVR, iv.) PLS, PLS M, v.) BBY RD.

2. In the world of nomenclature, supply a common surname for the following: Bernie, Cary, Hugh, and Ulysses S.

3. Identify the 4ft 6in tall, C18th, London-born poet, author of Rape of the Lock and who, because of his scurrilous, witty verse was known as the 'Wasp of Twickenham.'

4. Complete the following paragraph with these words. Big Bang, billion, clumped, cooled, energy, expanded, explosion, heat, light, mass, particles, second & Universe(3). "All matter in the ******** was created by the *** **** fourteen ******* years ago. In less than a ******, the ********was filled with vast amounts of ****** such as ***** and ****.

The ********* made the ******** expand. As it ********, it ****** and ********* with **** formed and ******* together."

5. In which century did the catastrophic English Civil War take place ?

6. Explain this equation. "Ben Nevis + Carrantuohill + Scafell Pike + Snowdon = 4,457."

7. Identify the three main climate zones of the Earth.

8. What kind of revival in Wales led to the composition of the famous hymn Cwm Rhondda at the start of the C20th ? Was it economic, social or religious ?

9. Name the title of a sexually-explicit revue(1969) by Kenneth Tynan (1927-1980) and which caused a great furore at the time. Was it, Oh, Amritsar!, Oh, Calcutta!, Oh, Delhi!, Oh, Jodhpur! or Oh, Mysore! ?


1. The Beatles album titles with vowels re-added are, i.) Let It Be, ii.) Yellow Submarine, iii.) Revolver, iv. …