PLDT SME Nation Prepping Up Small, Medium-Sized Enterprises for Global Arena

Article excerpt

PLDT SME Nation, PLDT's newest brainchild specially designed to skew PLDT's services towards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), is preparing up the local retail industry for the global arena.

The retail mid-market sector is on the threshold of redesigning business practices to address the continuously evolving market demand while at the same time, controlling costs to stay competitive.

The local retail SMEs is also swiftly realizing that IT infrastructure being offered by PLDT SME Nation can help them address some of their IT issues and concerns. They are aggressively investing in basic computing infrastructure such as networked Point-of-Sale systems and IP-based data exchange between the head office and the branches.

Customized back-end for optimized operations

A number of retail chains have taken advantage of the platform offered by PLDT SME Nation. Consequently, all have enjoyed faster transactions, more transparent operations and larger profits.

Take the care of Plains and Prints. Erickson Farillas and his wife turned the company from an 11-square meter stall in Shoppesville Greenhills into a real player in local fashion retail.

"Before we had to wait several days before getting accurate sales and inventory data from our stores. Now we can get reports from all our 51 stores the following day,'' says Farillas.

He adds: "Sales and inventory data from our stores are transmitted daily to our head office. The data is consolidated and updated reports are produced daily. We are able to plan better to maximize our revenues.''

Hard work and dedication also guaranteed the success and growth of Folded and Hung, another popular local apparel brand. Owner Ronald Pineda also started out in Greenhills tiangge row and now oversees a chain of 35 company-owned as well as eight franchised outlets.

"It was and is very costly but very profitable and gratifying if you do it right,'' Pineda says. "We learned a lot from doing everything the first time since this is my first business with this kind of magnitude.''

He shares that Folded and Hung have Shops. Work and Microsoft RMS Software in place.

"With the Shops. Work service and Microsoft RMS Software, we have greatly reduced the man-hours of posting and generating sales and inventory reports. Unlike before that we had to utilize a number of personnel just to do the tasks,'' says Pineda.

He states that as of the moment, Folded and Hung is concentrating more on the full roll-out of Shops. …