Bobby T. Yalong Bags HANJ Painting Award

Article excerpt

After being unanimously acknowledged as one of the outstanding artists (in the oil and acrylic division) during last year's 54th HANJ's art exhibit "Profiles," artistic director and Global Philippines Magazine editor-in-chief Bobby T. Yalong once again proves his mettle in this field by bagging the most coveted "Jack Richeson Material Award" (equivalent to second best) after besting more than a hundred entries in the recently concluded opening reception and awarding ceremony of the 55th Annual Regional Art Exhibit of the Hudson Artist of New Jersey, Inc. (HANJ), held at the Bayonne Public Library Gallery.Bobby's winning artwork was Entry #36, "Homeward-bound Tired Soul," a 30" x 18," acrylic on canvas painting, which was already an eye-catcher among gallery aficionados when the said winning piece was part of the 48-piece collection during his March 2008 one-man show, "Diversity On Canvas," mounted at the Philippine Center NY Lobby. "This artwork is indeed destined for something bigger. I never parted with the piece despite the many buyers and art collectors interested [in owning] it. I don't know but there was something keeping me close to it," Bobby sentimentally remarked.

The awarding ceremony, which was attended by participating artists, art connoisseurs, and guests of diverse ethnicities, high spiritedly commenced with a warm welcome address from HANJ president Brian Hannon and was alternately hosted by Marge Colavito and Melissa Maiorano, HANJ, Inc.'s chairwoman/treasurer of the board and vice president, respectively.

Another Filipino artist who shares the lucky streak with Bobby is Luis Amat Caraos with his Entry #04, "Caravan," oil on canvas, which garnered the "Bayonne Community Bank Cash Award," equivalent to fourth place. Other Pinoy artists who joined the exhibit were Jowel Gaela (Entry #011 "Young Coconut On Tree"), Cesar delos Santos III (Entry #048 "By The Back Door," in watercolor), and Ernesto Avila (Entry #01, "Misa de Gallo," in oil).

Incidentally, Bobby, who was then one of Manila's most sought-after fashion designers and talent managers (after being a secondary school teacher), reinvented himself and started painting in 2003 without any formal training. He has done a number of solo and group exhibitions and is currently the founding chairman of the Associated Liaison of Fine Artists, Unlimited (ALFA), where Luis A. Caraos, Cesar delos Santos III, and Jowel Gaela are the founding members. On the other hand, the late Ernesto Avila was already a second place winner during the 2003 exhibit with his entry "Sabong," oil on canvas. Bobby was also a recipient of the "Most Outstanding Award in Journalism" last May during the 7th Phil-US Expo for his diverse writing abilities: as poet, contributing writer to a number of well-circulated publications, publicity writer for major show producers, and doing PR jobs.

Adjudged this event's "Artist of the Year" is Elliot Appel, a painter for 30 years and master of a peculiar style which could be best described as photo-realism, while Chris Kappmeir is awarded the Anneka Prins Simmons Award with his Entry #015, "Mixed Flowers in Glass Vase." Polish lady artist Agnes Kryston placed first in the Oil & Acrylic category with her Entry #018, "The Green Eyes," while Lissane Lake placed third with her Entry #019, "Salome, After She Danced."

With a goal to unite local artists and art organizations throughout New Jersey in order to spark general interest in multi-media, the Hudson Artists of New Jersey, Inc. is devoted to the perpetuation of all cultural and artistic endeavors and to the enlightenment of the general public through exposition and involvement.

"We encourage public participation through art exhibits, demonstrations, and general membership meetings. We're now on our 55th year, and we're looking forward with anticipation to both the new and the yet undiscovered forms of artistic expression that lie ahead in the rapidly changing world of tomorrow," according to Marge Colavito, who aside from being the association's treasurer is also the proprietress-art instructress of Upstairs Art Gallery. …