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The local concert scene will be set on fire as two big foreign groups perform on separate dates and three established local pop acts come together for a one-night engagement.Sepultura to perform at Muziklaban finals

Premier metal act Sepultura is set to headline the finals of Muziklaban's 10th anniversary set on November 29 at the Marikina Sports Complex. This makes the nationwide rock band competition truly an illustrious event as far as rock aficionados are concerned, with the Brazil-based band considered as one of the most influential heavy metal groups serving as top guest.

An official statement splashed across Sepultura site's homepage revealed that the Sepultura appearance is confirmed, with accompanying information that 'the promoters came up with Sepultura's name after a big research where the band stood out other band names.'

The four-man gang of Andreas Kisser (guitar), Paulo Jr. (bass), Derrick Green (vocals), and Jean Dolabella (drums) will no doubt be the icing on the cake for a major local rock event featuring 10 nationwide grand finalists and 20 local guest bands.

Some of Sepultura's most familiar songs include "Arise," "Dead Embryonic Cells," "Refuse/Resist," "Roots," "Desperate Cry," "Slave New World," among others.

Formed in 1984, Sepultura was a biggie of death and trash metal scene in the late 80s. The band has recorded ten studio albums and will come up with a new one next year.

The Red Horse Beer Muziklaban Rock Challenge is a 15-hour spectacle (2 p.m.-5 a.m.) that promises to draw 15,000 attendees in consideration of the venue's capacity.

MLTR to sing all the hits

Love song experts Michael Learns to Rock is here in the country to perform at the Araneta Coliseum today, November 22 at 8 p.m. The trio led by lead singer and chief songwriter Jascha Richter were on hand to answer questions from the press during an open mic interview at the Holiday Inn Galleria in Ortigas last Wednesday.

Though Jascha was somewhat more reserved and laidback than the other two, he still gave a promise that resonated. And that is, they're going to sing all the popular songs that have endeared them to Filipinos.

"That's why we're here. We're here to perform the old MLTR hits and we're very serious about doing the ones that became hits in the Philippines," he noted, even pointing out that "Out Of the Blue" is one song that they play usually for Filipino audiences. …