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Feast Day of St. Cecilia

Today is the feast day of St. Cecilia, the patroness of musicians and church music.

Venerated since the 4th century and considered as one of the most popular martyrs of Christian antiquity, the Italian saint is glorified in literature, the arts, music, and poetry to this day.

Several churches, schools, and music halls were named after her.

St. Cecilia is one of only seven women, excluding the Blessed Mother, who is commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass.

Born in Rome, Italy during the 2nd century, she was pious from youth, and was known for her deep faith. According to tradition, St. Cecilia praised God, singing to Him, as she lay dying a martyr's death.

Her major shrine, the Church of St. Cecilia in Rome, where she was buried, is a popular pilgrimage site and is visited by hundreds of devotees and tourists every year. (Christina I. Hermoso)

Coast Guard trains field instructors

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Education and Training Command (CGETC) headed by Commodore Gilbert Rueras last week conducted a "Field Instructors' Training Course" for PCG officers and men to teach techniques that would give vessel inspectors the edge in enforcing immigration, quarantine and customs laws and regulations.

The training program was identified by the contingent of Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Department of National Defense (DND) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) during a border security tour recently sponsored by the Australian government.

"This is aimed at facilitating and stimulate the cooperation among Asian neighbors with regard to maritime security," said Rueras during an interview at the CGETC headquarters at Farola, Binondo, Manila.

Anthony Wheatley of the Australian Customs Service (ACS) was the senior instructor and lecturer at the week-long training course.

According to Rueras, the training program is one of the major priorities of Coast Guard commandant Vice Admiral Wilfredo D. Tamayo to improve the enforcement of immigration, quarantine and customs laws, as "knowledge and skills acquired by participants in the course would be productively cascaded and imparted in their students in the future."

The field instructor training course is a capacity-building activity designed to replicate the ship search training of the Australian Customs Service. …