Bruising Politics

Article excerpt

LOOKING around, it seems things are getting uglier everywhere - in the Senate, the House, and in Malacanang of all places.

And many say it's all because of the bruising business of politics.

In the House of Representatives, the report is that Speaker Prospero Nograles is furiously in earnest for the revival of the Charter change campaign.

This is preposterous, to say the least, the fact that under various circumstances in the past, attempts to amend the Constitution for sundry excuses had been rebuffed by an infuriated public.

All reasons, all purporting to champion the cause of progress and advancement in the areas of national development have been exploited to make Charter change acceptable to the people, but they all failed because of public distrust.

The Supreme Court, in the first "best effort" to amend the Constitution through People's Initiative junked it because of the unreliable process under which it was undertaken.

In reviving Charter change under the initiative of no less than the Speaker of the House himself, it is touted to be a sure venture having been endorsed by at least 163 House members.

Its proponents believe that with 16 more signatories it would be enough to fulfill the three-fourths requirement of the Constitution to amend it.

That is their stand, but even that is highly questionable since the three-fourths requirement is for Congress - the House and the Senate -- voting separately, to amend the Charter, the same as it is practiced in the United States where that provision of our Constitution was lifted.

But that is only part of the eyesores that blot the national landscape.

And how about the impeachment case that some House members are also reviving?

According to Quezon City Congressman Mat Defensor, chairman of the House committee on justice, Pangasinan Congressman Jose de Venecia and seven other opposition leaders who endorsed the impeachment complaint against President Gloria Arroyo will pursue their case starting on Monday to show the sufficiency in substance of their complaint. …