Roach Steps Up Verbal Attack

Article excerpt

In the hope of distracting the training and infuriating Oscar De La Hoya further, Freddie Roach, the American trainer of Manny Pacquiao, has renewed his word war with De La Hoya as his much-awaited "Dream Match" with the Filipino ring icon is just around the corner.

After telling everybody that the former Olympic champion is no longer capable of pulling the trigger, Roach threw another broadside by saying that De La Hoya's celebrated boxing career will be over after his Dec. 6 showdown with his prized fighter at the MGM Grand.

And he's looking forward for De La Hoya's big party, a retirement party to be precise after the fight.

"Oscar stated in his media conference call that training to fight Manny has put the fire back in his belly. If he thinks he has a fire in his belly now, wait until Manny starts landing right and left hooks there. Oscar's belly will be a raging inferno," said Roach.

"I have never seen Manny look better. He is as close to a complete fighter as he has ever been. His speed, footwork and stamina are supreme. But it's his power that has surpassed anything I could have hoped for. Manny is ready to fight a full three minutes of every round for as many rounds this fight goes," Roach said.

Roach had earlier predicted that the fight will get past 9 rounds and Pacquiao will emerge victorious. …