Oscar Feasts on Game Meat for Energy

Article excerpt

Oscar De La Hoya has peculiar diet - consisting of deer and kangaroo meat and organic ingredients - specially made for him in the hope getting the needed power to topple Manny Pacquiao on Dec. 6 in Las Vegas.

"My diet is based on my blood type, O-positive," De La Hoya wrote in his blog in The Ring magazine website that came out yesterday. "We had my blood drawn and sent to nutritionists we use back east. They put together a diet based on my blood type, what works for me as an individual."

But since he is already pushing 36 early next year, De La Hoya had to make some changes in the way he eats.

"I have been doing this diet for around three years now. Finally, for this training camp, I have it down to a tee. I can eat unlimited amounts of good, a lot of deer meat, kangaroo meat, everything is organic."

Apart from game meat, De La Hoya drowns it with "milkshakes made with rice milk," making him feel very light but full of life.

"Everything I eat is natural," De La Hoya said, the prohibitive favorite in the scheduled 12-round welterweight war. "I can eat unlimited amounts of food and I'm losing weight. I even eat small amounts during workouts."

De La Hoya is so relaxed with his current condition that "a week ago, I weighed 145 (lbs) and was feeling strong. Something is working. And I owe it all to the diet. Weight has been easy for me to make. I really recommend this diet, although everybody has their own approach when it comes to eating. …