Separate Political Fact from Fiction

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Separate political fact from fiction

Why publish "A Republicans view" by Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna under the pretense of news? Clearly it is opinion, and should have appeared on your Opinion page.

Mr. McKenna is correct about Mr. Obama as he writes "The speed of his rise in national politics has been impressive ..." Yes, but take some credit, Andy.

After all, we have the Illinois Republican Party to thank for drafting Alan Keyes to run against Obama for the U.S. Senate in 2004.

Not to be a "speed bump," Senate candidate, McKenna ran fourth and lost the primary to Jack Ryan, who later withdrew in controversy, which led to Obamas victory.

Had Andy won the primary and the Senate seat, we may have never met Obama.

I agree with McKennas assessment that "Obamas fellow Democrats have brought Illinois nothing less than the most corrupt governors office in Illinois history."

Nothing less is right. The Democrats have failed to reach the levels of past corruption. Still time though for the current administration to grant a "sweetheart contract" to a campaign contributor, like the "MSI Scandal" of GOP Gov. Jim Edgars administration, which cost taxpayers an estimated $20 million in fraudulent overcharges and sent many to prison.

Or some racketeering, bribery and extortion, like the "Licenses for Bribes" scandal of GOP Gov. George Ryans administration, which led to over 70 convictions, and the incarceration of Ryan.

For McKenna to link Obama to the current dysfunction at the state level has as much merit as crediting McKenna and the Illinois Republican Party for Obamas rise. Anyone can rearrange the facts to create fiction.

I agree with Andy that voters do have a choice between Obama and McCain. …