Larger Recycling Carts Paying off for City

Article excerpt

Kudos to you, Rolling Meadows residents, for your recycling efforts.

From April through July, the city tallied a 25 percent increase in recycled materials collected compared with the same period in 2007.

Could it be due to the new green carts that replaced the smaller bins? Reid Bateman, assistant public works director in charge of recycling, would like to think so.

During the citys pilot program with the larger carts, officials sampled the weight of recycled materials from the old yellow bins and compared it with the weight from the carts. From that, a 19 percent increase in recycling was projected citywide.

When the program was expanded, the whopping 25 percent increase was seen. "This is meeting and exceeding our expectations," Bateman says.

Its above other communities average increases when going to carts from bins, according to Brooke Beal, executive director of the Solid Waste Agency of Northwest Cook County.

"We usually see between 10 and 20 percent increases when you add a recycling cart, so Rolling Meadows is on the higher end," he says.

Theres a bonus for residents in that number, Bateman says. …