Changing Addresses

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$900,000; 4711 Perth Drive; Sold Aug. 22 by Robert L. Coulter to Nicole A. and Randall J. Beck.

$749,000; 4703 Perth Drive; Sold Aug. 21 by Primacy Closing Corp. to Daniel A. and Jacqueline Gagnon Volles.

$743,000; 5412 Dogwood Court; Sold Aug. 19 by Kramer Builders LLC. to Frank T. and Karrie C. Mascari.

$685,000; 4423 Clearwater Lane; Sold Aug. 19 by Anthony L. Carter to Jonathan and Sueanne Wigderson.

$645,000; 3592 Scottsdale Circle; Sold Aug. 19 by Prudential Relocation Inc. to Raghavendra Rao Baddi and Anasuya Baddi.

$630,000; 1048 104th St.; Sold Aug. 22 by Bushnell Land Development LLC. to Twin Ram Properties LLC.

$627,000; 307 Millcreek Lane; Sold Sept. 4 by Gary G. J. Lee to Hewitt Associates LLC.

$627,000; 307 Millcreek Lane; Sold Sept. 4 by Hewitt Associates LLC. to Kurt R. and Ann Marie Guenther.

$563,000; 3403 Vanilla Grass Drive; Sold Aug. 19 by Daniel J. Kiernan to Kaid J. and Shamima Contractor.

$560,000; 331 Knoch Knolls Road; Sold Aug. 20 by Scott A. Wehrli to Jamie L. Sidwell.

$560,000; 5308 Bamboo Lane; Sold Aug. 20 by Reese Custom Residences Inc. …