Ulrika Jonsson Reminds Us All Why She's Perfect for Big Brother

Article excerpt

Byline: lowri turner

YOU don't want some old hag with her t**s down to the floor." This is the phrase with which Ulrika Jonsson has willed TV viewers to vote her out of Celebrity Big Brother tonight. It may come to be comment on the rest of her career, however long that lasts after her behaviour in the BB house this week.

Each year on Celebrity Big Brother, someone commits career suicide. George Galloway in a cat costume, Jade Goody and her racist bullying... This year it is Ulrika. Rarely has someone walked down those famous stairs so clearly loathing the whole spectacle and so lacking in the will to hide it.

Of course, you have to allow for sleep deprivation. Ultrika's fourth child, baby Malcolm, is only seven months old. It's a wonder she can walk in a straight line. Add a spot of baby blues and the fact that Ulrika is not rocking in a corner is a major result.

For anyone with post baby jelly tummy and breast-feeding boobs, knowing you are going to spend up to three weeks being stood next to Lucy Pinder in unkind lighting is a pretty depressing prospect.

That Ulrika has also had to put up with being in the vicinity of Michelle Heaton in a PVC jumpsuit is just plain cruel.

Biased editing may be a factor, but no camera can manufacture the disdain with which Ulrika has approached her reality TV experience. And she hasn't left it at that. She has moaned and whined and quite openly talked of how much she wants to go home.

Yes, it is probably quite annoying having to give Terry Christian a massage, but it's still rude to whinge about it. Ulrika's behaviour has beenabit like inviting someone to a party and then have them looking at their watch all night.

What really sticks in the gullet is the fact that Ulrika is being paid, according to reports, pounds 175,000 for what could be three weeks' work at most. That's roughly eight times the average annual wage. It seems inconceivable that Ms Jonsson really is so out of touch with the credit crunched majority that she is unaware of her good fortune.

Elsewhere in the country this week, ex-Woolworths employees began looking for work, while both Wedgewood and Vyella staff faced an uncertain future as their companies went into administration. Even good old M&S has announced the closure of 27 stores and sackings at head office. It's not just grim up North, Ms Jonsson, it's grim all over.

Ulrika is in the lucky situation of actually having a job; even better, it is a cushy one. She has not spent the last week digging coal in dark and dangerous tunnels, she has not been roped to the edge of a fishing trawler off Finland in a storm, nor has she been manning a check point in Afghanistan. All Ulrika and the others on BB are required to do is sit about on silly furniture and be filmed. …