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Byline: by Mike Harris

1. Identify the 1-2-3 of the Welsh Sports Personality of the Year contest announced not long before Christmas 2008.

2. Thomas Hardy(1840-1928) published seventeen novels during a writing lifetime, three of which had the central characters' names included in their titles. Identify them.

3. What have these Roads in common ?

Anfield, Carrow, Filbert, Maine, Portman and Vicarage.

4. Which of the five Tudor monarchs(1485-1603) were male and which, female ?

5. What are the origins of 'Strictly Come Dancing' as the programme's title ?

6. If the first letter is subtracted from a famous English East Coast river, why are we then in the world of pigments ?

7. What is the full name of the UK organisation known popularly as The National Trust?

8. Complete this recent and clever Daily Telegraph headline: G***Y ! R********'S JAM BITES THE DUST.

9. Which movie(1990) starring Jeremy Irons (for which he won an Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Actor) and Glenn Close, told of the alleged attempted murder of Sunny von Bulow, the New York socialite, by her husband, Claus.

10. Fill in the missing words in this somewhat risque limerick . 'There was a young lady named Cager/Who as the result of a *****/Consented to fart/The whole oboe ****/Of Mozart's Quartet in F *****.'


1. The 1-2-3 in the pre-Christmas WSPY - 2008 were Shane Williams, Nicole Cooke and Joe Calzaghe. Other winners were as follows: Cardiff City for their heroic cup final exploits, footballer Aaron Ramsey and golfer Amy Boulden received the male/female Carwyn James Junior Sportspersons awards and Welsh snooker's elder statesman, Ray Reardon, got a Lifetime Achievement Award.

2. The three novels were 'The Hand of Ethelberta'(1876), 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles(1891) and 'Jude the Obscure'(1896). …