Environmental Justice on the Web

Article excerpt

Phone calls, flyers and word-of-mouth have been drawing attention to environmental justice issues for decades. But with more than 100,000 online documents devoted to environmental justice issues, activists are now turning to the World Wide Web for information and support.

EcoNet, part of the Institute of Global Communications' network of activist-oriented sites, hosts the EcoJustice Network (http://www.econet.apc.org/envjustice/). It provides information on current issues "facing communities of color in the U.S.," as well as contact information on activist groups, a calendar of eco-justice events and links to related websites. Other sites accessible via EcoNet include: The Indigenous Environmental Network (www.alphacdc.com/ien/), EPA's Office of Environmental Justice (es.inel.gov/oeca/oej.html), The Cesar Chavez Web Page (latino.sscnet.ucla.edu/research/chavez/), Chicano-Latino Net (latino.sscnet.ucla.edu/community/environment.html), The Environmental Inequality Homepage (www.cruzio.com/~meuser/EI/index.html), The South African Exchange Program on Environmental Justice (www.igc.apc.org/saepej/), The Urban Habitat Program of the Earth Island Institute (www.earthisland.org/ei/uhp/uhp.html) and RTK NET (rtk.net/), whose Right-to-Know (RTK) Network provides coverage of toxic, health and economic data, access to EPA documents and an extensive bibliography.

The South Central Oklahoma Environmental Justice Resource Center (student. …